• How do I create a fundraiser?
    When you have found the project you would like to start fundraising for, you click “Start Fundraising”. Thereafter fill in text and picture to finish your fundraising page. For a more detailed description, please check Learn how it works.
  • Do I need an account to create a fundraiser?
    When you start a fundraiser, a user profile will automatically be created at the same time, i.e. you do not need to create an account before starting a fundraiser.
  • How do I share my fundraiser on social media?
    To share your fundraiser, you can use the sharing options on your fundraiser page, or just copy the URL link and paste it wherever you would like to share it, e.g. in an email or in a Facebook status.
  • How do I send an email about my fundraiser?
    You can either send an email directly from your fundraising page, by clicking on the email icon, or you can copy paste your fundraiser’s URL(link) into your email.
  • What are the best practices for fundraising?
    First of all, your personal story and relation to the cause is very important. People tend to donate more if they are touched by your story. Furthermore, remember to upload a video or picture of yourself. This allows potential donors to better relate to you fundraiser. Finally, remember to share, share, share, preferably as personal as possible. To get more tips and best practices, check out Learn how it works.
  • How do I edit my fundraiser?
    Log into your page, and click on the “Edit Fundraiser” button in the left upper corner. You will then have the option to edit all the information of your fundraiser. Remember to scroll down and click "Save Changes" when you are finished editing.
  • What is a team?
    Creating or joining a team, means that the team members’ personal fundraising efforts will be joined, and the total amount fundraised by all members will be shown under the team. However, each member will still have their own personal fundraiser. You cannot donate directly to a team.
  • How do I create a team?
    Go to your chosen project, and click “create team”. Thereafter you will be guided step by step.
  • Do I need to create an account for giving a donation?
    No. You just have to fill out a few basic information, and the amount you would like to donate.
  • Which payment options do I have?
    You can donate with credit or debit card.
  • Is it safe?
    We are fulfilling all security and safety measures, and you can feel totally safe donating through our platform.